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Written by PIUS KADINDE   
Friday, 26 August 2011 05:58


The people of Kidamali village in Nzihi Ward, at Iringa District, are growing in economic status because many of them get employed in Maji Africa industry at the village where the industry has taken up about 250 people. It has also enabled them with loans in order to build proper houses.

Mr Frank Singaile, a company official, said in an interview that those employed by Maji Africa have contributed more in economic development and brought new style of life in the Kidamali area.

In Maji Africa, about 90% of the employed people are women who would not be   employed to other industry as they require more educated people. Among those employed some are being educated by Maji Africa, including entrepreneurship lessons.

Most employees have built standard houses after Maji Africa enabled them to get loans without charging an interest and if the workers utilize well the capital, the company could as well skip demanding that it is repaid, he said.

Apart from helping workers to improve the economic uplift of the area, the industry is contributing to some of the costs of constructing primary and secondary schools for helping with children’s education.

Mr Singaile continued that Maji Afirca industry had contributed to several villages in different development areas such as  Kidamali, Nzihi, Magubike and Kipera, chiefly by offering jobs to their inhabitants.

Talking about the product produced by the industry, Mr Singaile said that the   water produced at the industry was of good quality and can be consumed by people around the country.

Drinking water which is produced at Maji Africa is popular in various regions and it is competitive, as the industry seeks to protect its products for the benefit of its customers and the environment in which it operates, he added.

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