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Written by GODWIN KAIJAGE   
Friday, 13 April 2012 07:16


The Dar es Salaam based Kalunde music band is planning to construct its own recording studio, night club and hotes to take up a portion of the booming market.

Talking with this journalist over the week end at Trinity Hotel, the president of the band, Mr. Deo Mwanambilimbi said that their target was to have an own hotel and club to enable their fans to make a one stop shop for visiting Kalunde band.

’It was on Valentine Day when this band began and the people have lifted us from a little crank head to rolling ball, so I believe we have done super progress as a band,” he  affirmed.

The band started with four musicians, performing at Twiga Hotel and it uses computer technology where a singer sings with a microphone with a partner. Now it is six years old but at least it has much improved since it started to do lively music shows.

The band has become pivotal for youth, and they are asking them to get on the industry as a way of educating their peers. The music industry has assisted a lot of youths who have talent in that field, to flee from potential delinquency and into progress in life.

“We have one musician named Sarafina Mshindo. She is famous here in Dar es Salaam with some people calling her Sara. She can sing a song like Whitney Houston or Tony Braxton while dancing on the floor,” he said

Sarafina had a US nvitation and she went a few days ago and she played with Akon. Luckily the band has good communication with Akon, so when the need arises again, she will fly again to sing with him as one of the teamwork.

The band had also an opportunity to travel to Mozambique and South Africa for  special shows and performed well in both countries under the band manager, Mr. Bob Ludala.

The band is planning an England trip and another to America for shows on the basis of current invitations. The band performs at Trinity Hotel on Fridays and at the Kunduchi Beach Hotel on Saturdays.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

Its hotel performance contracts are negotiated between the band and hotel management, then the band starts to perform, but for invitations to preforms in  wedding ceremonies the cost ranges from 1m/- to 3m/-, ”Mwanambilimbi noted.

The band takes up and performs any kind of song, in various languages and styles with this journalist watching  Bob Ludala performing at Trinity Hotel a song by Bob Marley in aeggae style, Redemption, and then One Love, with the hotel hall full of excited enthusiasts.

Kalunde Band has obtained two medals in music awards since it was initiated. It went into recording Uchona, a local song then followed by Siwezi Kusema and then Fikiria. It now has many songs and albums, its key musicians being Mwakichumu, Saidi and Debora Nyange, along with eight singers.

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